Leadership Essentials

Launching October 2024!


The Church needs young leaders of character, and Biblical competency. Youth leaders are investing a ton of time into growing the leaders of tomorrow. Youth Quake wants to help! Join us on an 8-month journey as we provide videos, tools, and resources to take your young leaders to the next level in their ministry leadership.

What is it?

YQ Leadership Essentials is a free 8-month ministry training program for high school aged leaders. The program includes 8 teaching videos designed to grow a young leaders CHARACTER and COMPETENCY. Our intent is to help young leaders grow deeply as disciples of Jesus and learn what it means to be a ministry leader in today’s culture. Our hope is each youth participating in the program will grow their faith, character, and leadership.

Youth Worker Summer Sessions

Check out this 2 part youth worker introductory session with Rob Chartrand, Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry at Briercrest College!

Session One: The Gospel

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Session 2: The Bible

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What you need to know

  • The YQ Leadership Essentials program is free. Briercrest is all about educating disciples to equip the church and engage our world. We believe this work is so important we want to make it available to anyone who could use it.
  • YQ Leadership Essentials is launching October 2024 and runs through May 2025. Each month, a leadership essential video will be released on our website, along with a leader's guide, to help you plan before you meet. In these videos, our two hosts will introduce the topic and provide discussion questions for your group.
  • Before starting the program, we have also included two youth worker training videos. We encourage you to watch these before starting the program, as they were specifically designed to prepare you for leading your students through the content.

The Essentials

  • OCT – COMPETENCE - How to lead with self-awareness and humility: Looking at the person of Jesus
  • NOV – CHARACTER - The greatest leaders embrace weakness: Lessons from Paul
  • DEC – CHARACTER - Leading privately before publicly: Exploring Daniel’s life
  • JAN – COMPETENCE - Conflict Management: The voice of Abbigail
  • FEB – CHARACTER - How to lead amongst the noise of opinions: The way of Barnabas
  • MAR – CHARACTER - Recovering from failure: The story and example of Peter
  • APRIL – COMPETENCE - Building on what God has given: The Nehemiah Model
  • MAY – CHARACTER - Leading for the long haul: The pace of Jesus


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